Treat Yourself to Yoga and Food of LOVE - Raw Chocolate!

If you’re in London, on the 9th of March, join us for  this special treat for yourself - LOVE, COCOA & YOGA EVENING! We combined 3 best ingredients for this evening recipe - self-love, yoga sequence and guilt-free raw chocolate. 

An evening of gentle yet empowering yoga session with focus on love for self, yoga & chocolate. Session will commence with dynamic sequence of heart openers. Be ready to build strength, fire up your core yet concluding to love & kindness meditation and of course a sweet treat – raw chocolate & yogi tea!

We invite you to enjoy health and happiness when we nurture our body with love and attention, tuning into what we really need and nourishing our physical and emotional wellbeing. 

Claire Shaw will lead a workshop that combines the healing properties of chocolate and yoga in one session. The evening will begin with a dynamic energising yoga session at Egoist Body Studios that will focus on heart opening sequences, but be ready to play and sweat.

In the practice of self-care, Yoga is timeless art for nurturing and connecting to your body. Our bodies are designed for movement, with lightness and feelings of wellbeing…  We see yoga as a way to experience the pleasure of moving, breathing, and circulating our life’s energy. We can talk a lot about yoga benefits to your body, mind and soul but what you need it’s just to remeber that feeling after each yoga class. It says everything.. the magic 90 mins make such a difference... 

You'll feel the sweetness of challenging poses preparing you for a deliciously indulgent raw chocolate treats after the session.

No wonder that chocolate has been called “food of the gods,” for over 3000 years, but raw chocolate  is an exceptional indulgence! It’s not too sweet and has a pleasant bitter taste as raw cacao beans are not roasted but cold ground, many of the beautiful cacao substances remain intact. It gives you a relaxed and warm feeling and it taste like heaven. It is therefore also an aphrodisiac. Raw chocolate is a true food of love. Mmm, may love melt on your tongue!

Join us for the special evening full of love, fun, food and laughter! 

Date: 9th of March 19:45 
Price: £25
Location: Egoist Body Studios | 6 Fitzroy Square London, W1T 5DX, GB

About the studios
Egoist Body Studios (egoistbody.com) has been conceived as a boutique studio offering a wide range of classes including yoga, pilates & ballet sculpt. 

Located in a majestic Georgian townhouse in one of London's quietest and most beautiful square gardens, Fitzroy Square W1, just minutes away from the West End, Egoist Body offers a peaceful, versatile, and elegant  vintage shabby chic space – a complete alternative to mainstream gyms.
Its concept makes working out an enjoyable experience perfect substitute for people who love to be fit but enjoy an individual, warm welcome in a dreamy home like ambience.

More details and booking via lina@egoistbody.com or by the link